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Chaalak – AI driven last mile logistics

Let Chaalak plug-in to your business.

  • allocation and route optimisation

  • auto dispatch

  • bird’s eye view

  • real-time status update

  • real-time visibility

  • monitor KPIS

Optimise your operations using the Chaalak suite

Chaalak helps you optimise your operations and makes sure that your allocation, deliveries and pickups are spot on. An AI/ML driven solution to your last mile logistics.

Chaalak eco-system

Customer App

The customer app is a UX driven mobile app which allows users to schedule an appointment and then track orders. It’s highly customisable and integrates with existing order management system. Enabled with a push notification module it will keep your customers updated with deliveries and pickups.

Driver App

The Driver app is a logistics driven utility app which allows the driver to navigate across various pickup and delivery destinations. It provides in depth details on the customer and the associated orders along with customer insight that helps drivers to minimise the delivery and pick up time.The audit trail feature makes sure that every transaction is documented and reproducible.

Web Console

The Web Console is the engine which drives the Driver App and makes allocation a breeze. A fully UX driver drag-drop interface allows users to allocate various pickups and deliveries. It has other operational such as tracking and reporting modules which will help you manage and optimise your fleet effectively. It also has a route planning module to track driver performance.


Route Planning

  • Web Administration Console
  • Integrate with your OMS
  • Assign Pickups and Deliveries – Visually
  • Prioritization of Deliveries and Pickups by Area
  • Manage Grouping of Areas by ZIP
  • Manage Stop-time for Deliveries and Pickups for route optimization
  • View Audit Trail with comments, pictures and status (No Show, Pending, Done) by Driver
  • Manage your Delivery Personnel
  • Order Fulfilment – for stores

Mobile App

  • Optimized route on Map – based on traffic conditions
  • Delivery and pickup locations on Map – easy access to transaction details
  • Access delivery or pickup details on tapping a location
  • Make updates to transaction details from the mobile directly
  • Directly access delivery or pickup details based on customer using QR Scanner
  • Take a picture while updating status
  • Get a quick list of all possible transactions (pickup and deliveries) for a specific driver
  • Driver can get a quick update on the delivery pickup status – real-time
  • Send SMS when a driver is near a location – alert user.
  • Alert Driver for additional delivery-pickup/ changes

Business Insight

  • Diver performance
    • Time taken for each leg – delivery or pickup
    • Overall time taken for pickup and delivery based on total transactions
  • Overall
    • Total transactions handled by day/week/month – get insight on yearly surges – peaks
    • Get insight on customers – no-shows, pickup failures, date changes
    • Driver attendance