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Our eLearning solution offers a suite for every need

Want to consolidate your learning content and offer them to your students? With eComLearn you can go live in flat 2 weeks!

The game of learning has changed. You can’t expect someone to read a course subject and then one fine day sit for an examination.And specially in the eLearning space don’t expect your consumers to spend hours looking at a screen and then give an online exam. You have to engage them, make them feel learning is fun.Gamification. It’s all about learning smart, learning fast.

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The Web based CourseBuilder provides course curators an intuitive interface to create courses using predefined templates. You can create courses with subjects topics as well as subtopics. And for each you can provide content like videos, text, MCQ and host of other assessment options.CourseBuilder. An intuitive tool to build courses quickly.

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The eComLearn solution was built keeping mobility in mind. The simple, user friendly interface allows users to navigate with the least number of clicks. It keeps track of how a user is doing in terms of the learning curve and helps accomplish predefined tasks.

It’s the ultimate solution for enabling professional courses.

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The eCommerce module has all the required functionalities that one would require to get an online store up and running.  Manage your products with variation management, Catalog and payment gateway – with add on product search features Ecommerce. With a customisable shopping cart, up-sell, cross sell module make the customers want for more.

It’s al about business – leave the technology to the tool!.

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A tool that was made keeping the business folks in mind.

eComLearn simplifies the process of publishing content online and allows consumers to navigate, comprehend and prepare better. With it’s gamification module increase the consumer stickiness and the recall value.

Roll out your Content if a jiffy. 2 weeks flat and you should be up and running.

eComLearn provides a simple interface with builtin templates to categories and upload your content. Also it offers a direct file upload module to feed content and manage it.You just need to flip the publish switch on!

An inbuilt e-commerce module to sell your content right-away.

The ecommerce module ensures that you have your catalog, shopping cart, payment gateway and host of other functionalities available so that you can concentrate on your business and start selling quickly.