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Logistics – eLearning


Chaalak helps you optimise your operations and makes sure that your allocation, deliveries and pickups are spot on. An AI/ML driven approach to your last mile logistics.


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Our core strength has been in the product space where our technologist have been part product initiatives. Be it Web services, ESB, security or business products in such as Operational BI, KPI Dashboard or more recently, operational optimisation in the laundry business and publishing in the eLearning space.


In the mobile space we have rolled out state of the art applications. Be it logistics or core business related, our apps have been in the market for a while serving our key client to broaden their customer base.Our focus has been to provide hybrid based apps which reduces the cost of maintenance and still provide functionalities compared to native apps.

Enterprise development

Our technologist have in depth understanding of the enterprise space and have been involved in large projects to roll out mission critical applications in various industries. Our core expertise is in the Enterprise Services Bus, Web services framework enablement, Security, elastic search and ecommerce applications.

What makes us different

Quality vs Scale

For every services company the motto is to scale. It’s all about rates, and billability. For us it’s the reverse, our intent is to be small and provide our services to a few key organisations with whom we share similar values and can provide quality services.

Extended Arm

Think of us as your extended arm. Where we know your business and proactively help you with your technology needs. You don’t have to keep telling us what needs to be done from a technology stand point – our business and technology consultants are on standby 24/7

You grow, we follow

We are not in this business to make a quick buck and move to the other prospective client. We believe in doing long term business – and that can only happen when we share similar values. Our motto is “You grow and we follow”. We believe that business is about benefiting each other and making sure we provide value for money.